You may not find this on other websites or in the DNA of many search firms. We know from experience that key appointments need planning and we can help you plan them - who needs to be involved, who needs to decide, where should the candidates come from, what will you get, and what are the consequences of the appointment. In short, the project needs to be designed so it will succeed.


Searches are high risk - the industry has a poor record of expensive disappointments. The seeds of failure are to be found in the early stages. Every search project needs a detailed plan of research, a methodical approach to the target sectors, a determination to search in the dark corners, not just to profile the people in the spotlight.


We know people. You know people. Every day the market is assessing its players. Intelligence triangulated from different points in the market - carefully worked and validated - leads to candidates who are rated by the people who work with and around them. You need to know that the new arrival will deliver their potential and add to the culture of your team.


We set out with the assumption that we must find you better candidates than you are expecting. The better candidates need to know that the person they are talking to understands the proposition in detail, is close to the client’s thinking, knows the market drivers, can be trusted as an intermediary, and be relied upon for discretion.


When you engage RSTCPEEL, you are outsourcing to a firm that has done it before.

We manage your project for you, report meticulously, deliver briefings and face-to-face meetings, complete the phases of the process in detail. We maintain the project’s momentum: ensuring you maintain your business drive.


The final closure phase is the most important. This is the art of due diligence against a timetable.

Are you ready to decide? Do you know enough? Is the candidate ready? What are they thinking? What does it need to reach the moment of commitment? Are the contractual constraints pre-solved? What is the timing? The candidate’s defensive strategy for resignation? How do you control the news advantage?


For a brief period, we have been intimately involved in the ambitions and the personality of your business. We have represented to the candidates a future at the firm, depicted a path to growth and change. We find that many clients at that stage have valued the perspective we bring as "outsider-insiders" and we have helped them to resolve unique issues through specific bespoke corporate counsel projects which benefit from the experience of a third party.